If you ask me what genre would best describe my songwriting, I'd have to call it, "Beef Stew." It's comfort food; and the base is rich with a folk broth, with vegetables and meats of jazz, blues, gospel, old country, and a pinch of Broadway. My secret recipe calls for all of the flavors and genres that have delighted me throughout my life to seep into the mix. You'll hear a lot of harmonies which harken back to my happy years in high school chorus, and you'll hear a lot of guitar from a natural inclination to be in your face and friendly when I sing. As a mother and one who has volunteered a lot with church kids and elders, I want to share life lessons with you, but without being preachy. Anyway, how could I preach when I "don't know it all" myself, forever seeking and learning how to best live this life, love better, and find peace. I really hope that you will enjoy my songs, interact and chat with me about the topics that come into our lives and my songwriting, and take some time out in a busy life for a little comfort food. Here...have a taste... of my special "beef stew."

Sample song from my album Out of the Driveway:

There’s such a beautiful thing that goes on with music when you have good intentions.
— Terri Hendrix