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If you ask me what genre would best describe my songwriting, I'd have to call it, soul food, rich with folk, jazz, blues, gospel, and old country influences, a blend of genres that have delighted me throughout my life. You'll hear harmonies which harken back to my happy years in high school chorus, and you'll hear a lot of guitar from a natural inclination to be with you when I sing.

As a mother and one who has volunteered a lot with church kids and elders, I want to share life-learned lessons without being preachy. How could I preach when I "don't know it all" myself, forever seeking and learning how to best live this life, love better, and find peace?

I hope that you will enjoy my songs, some are simple nostalgia and some edgy and current, breaching modern culture's hotspots. Please feel free to chat with me about the topics that come into our lives and my songwriting, and take some time out in a busy life to nurture your soul a little comfort food. My Facebook page is a great way to keep the conversation going.


Why do I sing? It feels good. It makes me happy. It keeps me well. The article in this link above explains it very well: singing releases endorphins and oxytocin; chemicals that make you happy and even bond with others, decreasing loneliness. Years ago I earned myself a brand new history of postpartum depression with it's pervasive anxiety component. I really had to get it together fast -- what with four beautiful little kids to raise-- I didn't want to pass along my anxiety and depression with what was fast becoming my "default facial expression." I wanted to be a happy, smiley mom and so, I sang.

"Follow the bubbles." Like Dorothy with the yellow brick road, "the bubbles" --are that feeling of energy and interest, that perking up of the eyebrows--  the bubbles determine where my heart will find it's next destination. Singing in a variety of places, exploring music groups and genres, creating songs, all are a result of these bubbles. It's not every place in life where "if it feels good, do it," is morally OK; but with singing, it definitely is. It feels good. It makes me happy. It keeps me well. And that. Is why. I sing.