I am available to sing or lead music for your organization, group or event. Please be in touch! 

  • A folk music style church, school, or youth service
  • A "Listening Room" performance
  • Coffee Houses, farmers markets
  • Themed retreats or presentation support: Healthy Relationships, Faith Formation, Alzheimers Association, Music and healing, AAA, ACOA and more
  • Senior Living Center Music enrichment
  • Senior Memory Care * 
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*Senior Memory Care singing with dementia patients is like watching a garden at dawn as the flowers start to open in the sun. Music is the last thing to go in our memory. It's in there deep and strong and it has the power to inspire people in all kinds of situations. If you are a musician who wants to get out and sing or play your music, think about performing in our local nursing homes for the most encouraging and appreciative audiences you'll ever find. For more information about why I love doing this, see the articles below:


Academy Point Residents Inspire Volunteer's Special Song (February 9, 2018)

Peace in Passing  (The New London Day, The Age of Choice, 2015-2016)