Why do I sing? It feels good. It makes me happy. It keeps me well. The article in the link above explains it very well: singing releases endorphins and oxytocin; chemicals that make you happy and even bond with others, decreasing loneliness. Years ago I earned myself a brand new history of postpartum depression with it's pervasive anxiety component. I really had to get it together fast -- what with four beautiful little kids to raise-- I didn't want to pass along my anxiety and depression with what was fast becoming my "default facial expression." I wanted to be a happy, smiley mom.

"Follow the bubbles." Like Dorothy with the yellow brick road, "the bubbles" --are that feeling of energy and interest, that perking up of the eyebrows--  the bubbles determine where my heart will find it's next destination. Singing in a variety of places, exploring music groups and genres, creating songs, all are a result of these bubbles. It's not every place in life where "if it feels good, do it," is morally OK; but with singing, it definitely is. It feels good. It makes me happy. It keeps me well. And that. Is why. I sing.

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