Songwriting is a passion and my lyrics come from life experiences, talking to people and noticing, always noticing. I have written songs for many different organizations seeking a message unique to their mission.  These are some of my favorite projects as they force me to research, stand in the shoes of others, and search deep into my own life experiences to understand and convey a message of hope.

Listed below are some of the topics my song writing has addressed. I am currently seeking more of these opportunities.

College culture


Dementia and Alzheimers

School Bullying

Internet social challenges

Addiction and recovery 


Below, some of my personal work:

Here is my first album of songs, Out of the Driveway:

Here is my first album of songs, Out of the Driveway:

On the day I moved away from Indiana to the east coast, my father handed me some food for thought along with my parting plate of 'daddy-fried eggs.' "You know," he said, "it's a long way out of this driveway."  Here it is almost 30 years later and I'm still 'out east' and he was right. It's never easy leaving home, but there is a whole world to love and learn much! The album touches on so many lessons learned since I went "out of the driveway," and even more discoveries on the inner road of faith and introspection.


My current project is called, "The Paintbox" and it is a series of "twosies" or, two songs at a time, digitally released. I call it "The Paintbox" because I find a similarity between producing music and painting a picture, both with layers and layers of sound, or color. My first twosie, "The Paintbox #1" is out! I hope you will take time and listen to the unique sounds, colors, and stories in these two new songs: Memory Care and Children Gonna Play.

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